Do you remember being in school?

Do you remember being in school? When I was in primary school I remember being obsessed with transformers, The Spice Girls and rollerblading .. I was slightly overweight, pale skinned and short  and I  cared deeply about the opinions of the ‘popular kids’  and strived to please my teachers. I remember one day in the […]
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February 26, 2017  /   Posted in Uncategorized

Getting Things Done: Helpful Productivity Tweaks

This piece originally appeared here. A little while ago I had had the privilege of interviewing productivity guru and author of Getting Things Done (GTD) David Allen. Getting things done feels amazing! It builds your confidence and momentum, especially when you’re starting a fresh new year. Unfortunately, many of us find that the to-do list […]
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January 10, 2017  /   Posted in Uncategorized

A year in review.

Thank you. I still am truly humbled that new teachers from all over the world stop by, read and share the articles and resources at I’m a New Teacher. It has been wonderful to hear your stories and to engage in discussions. Below is are a few of the most viewed articles of 2016. Why […]
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December 22, 2016  /   Posted in Uncategorized
Whether you’re a casual teacher, permanently employed, working as a support teacher or on a temporary contract with your school, you are directly involved in educating, training and shaping some of the greatest minds that this world is yet to see.
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